Book Interior Flat Cleaning

Interior Flat Cleaning

Includes Service
  • Floor deep Cleaning with industrial grade machines to give it a new look.
  • Deep Cleaning of Entire Bathroom including floor and tiles, cleaning of WC and wash basin, removal of scale mark from fittings and fixtures to enhance shine.
  • Deep Cleaning of entire kitchen, Bedroom, Hall with exhaust fan and sink. Through internal & external cleaning of trolleys and shelves. Cleaning of all cupboard and wardrobe dirt’s, dust of tiles and slab.
  • Dry vacuuming , Dusting and wiping of all furniture and other places. Cleaning of all Windows. Panels, glasses, Fan, switched boards, doors and all .the electronics items from outside. Our professional will remove all cobwebs, clean doors and windows and fans to make it dust free and clean the balcony.
  • Laminate,Paint ,pencil, glue ,sticker marks will be removed in this package.

Service Time

6-8 Hrs

Number of Servicemen (depending on size)