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Home Painting

  • Vacant Flat Painting or Rental Painting is new type of painting concept started mainly from Bangalore, where very basic plastic paint i.e. Tractor Emulsion paint is done after tenants move out from the rented home.
  • The name itself suggest that it is for Rental House, where same colour is used as on the walls, either one of two coat on walls and usually houses are empty.
  • This is very economical and we provide very fast painting service like 1 or 2 day itself to complete the entire work.
  • Our Standard Process and Procedure includes the following:
  • Touch up Putty wherever required on minor cracks, pilling off areas etc.
  • Sanding of Complete House Walls using sand paper
  • One or Two Coat of paint ( Tractor Emulsion) as required based on wall condition.
  • Complete cleaning of house. Free deep cleaning services as per condition.

Service Time

1-2 Days