Book Home Disinfection

Home Disinfection

  • Total sanitization
  • Includes all areas of the house-corners & high touch surfaces.
    Professional Equipment
  • Hospital grade chemicals used for best results. Kills disease-causing viruses and germs.
  • US EPA approved chemical [Virex || 256] solution is used for disinfection.
  • Kills disease causing germs & viruses
  • Spraying and mopping of entire floor.
  • Avoid entering the disinfected area for up to 1hour after service.
  • To ensure this, professional will leave out one room for your use which will be treated after the rest of the house is ready to use
  • Disclaimer: Virex 256 is part of US EPA List N, excepted to kill corona viruses.
  • Exclusion: Sanitization of interior areas of cupboards, drawers & appliances.
  • Quick Tips: All edible items should be kept way.

Service Time

1 Hrs

Number of Servicemen (depending on size)